The MSMF program is administered by the Department of Mathematics in consultation with a Program Steering Committee. Faculty members and lecturers from participating departments are listed below.

Timothy R. Burch, Associate Professor, Finance
Ph.D., 1997, University of Michigan
Mergers and Acquisitions, Market Efficiency
Office: Jenkins 517A

Brian Coomes, Associate Professor, Mathematics
Ph.D., 1988, University of Nebraska at Lincoln
Differential Equations, Dynamical Systems
Office: Ungar 435

♦ Alexander Dvorsky, Associate Professor, Mathematics
Ph.D., 1996, UC Berkeley
Representation Theory, Computational Finance
Office: Ungar 445

Ilie Grigorescu, Associate Professor, Mathematics
Ph.D., 1997, New York University
Probability, PDE
Office: Ungar 441

Neil Johnson, Professor, Physics
Ph.D., 1989, Harvard University
Complex Systems, Complexity in Finance
Office: James L. Knight Physics Building 307

♦ Lev Kapitanski, Professor, Mathematics
Ph.D. (1981), Dr. Sci. (1991), Steklov Institute of Mathematics, St. Petersburg, Russia
Nonlinear Evolution Equations, Control Theory
Office: Ungar 413

♦ Victor C. Pestien, Associate Professor, Mathematics
Ph.D., 1980, UC Berkeley
Probability, Optimization
Office: Ungar 535

Additional faculty members in Mathematics, Finance and Computer Science departments may also teach MSMF core and elective courses and/or advise MSMF students.